Heroku Logplex Experiencing Issues

After 2 hours and 20 minutes

Heroku's Logplex is back online and we're receiving metric data again. Please refer to Heroku's status page for further updates regarding the Logplex incident as they continue to monitor the situation.


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We've deployed changes that'll help mitigate unintentional scaling operations in the event that Heroku's Logplex experiences issues. We'll be monitoring the situation as Heroku works towards a solution to restore the Logplex system.

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Heroku's Logplex is currently experiencing issues, resulting in logs not being sent over to HireFire's Logdrain. This is affecting our Logplex auto-scaling solution and may have resulted in unexpected (down-)scaling activities.

You can follow the status of the incident here and Heroku works towards a solution: https://status.heroku.com/incidents/1372

Meanwhile, we're looking for ways to improve our Logplex issue detection system to further reduce the chance of unintentional (down-)scaling in the event of an issue with Heroku's Logplex system resulting in loss of log data.

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